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ADVENT: Alone in the Dark

ALONE IN THE DARK As a city slicker, I had no idea what darkness was until I drove alone in the dark at night in a prairie province a few hours away from the city. A few years ago I was speaking in a small town a few hours drive outside of Winnipeg. I landed in frigid... read more

White Belts

A number of years ago, I took a karate class with my kids for fun. One day my class was sparring and the sensei walked onto the mat in between matches. Since we were on a break, one of the instructors shouted jokingly, “Who wants to spar sensei?” I... read more

Transfigured for Thanksgiving

Day One: Genuine thankfulness Holidays do not normally conjure up thoughts of holiness. We can enjoy rest at appointed times and, as citizens of this or another country, mark our national pastimes. We savor the chance to exchange gifts or to eat, drink, and be merry.... read more

The Exchange: Running the Race

The Exchange I remember running track as a little guy in grade school. Thanks to a zealous track coach, I had an inordinate amount of fear of dropping the baton. I ran the final leg in the relay and my exchanges were always clumsy due to the fact that I had convinced... read more

Halloween or Reformation Day?

Halloween or Reformation Day? What are we supposed to make of Halloween? I don’t think anyone really knows. Somehow, bizarrely, it has turned into a socially acceptable, culturally-embraced evening for children to dress up as ghosts, ninjas, princesses or athletes and... read more


THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND When I read through the New Testament and come to the sections where the Pharisees really botch up the scriptures, I instinctively puff my chest out, because I’m nothing like those guys… except for the fact that I have the... read more
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