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Our family loves going to the theatre. We love movies. You know that feeling when there’s a film you’ve been looking forward to for a while and it finally hits the theatres?  You’re sitting there and the moment the production house logo comes up...

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The Soul and The City

It’s hard not to think about politics these days. Odds are also pretty good that regardless of which side of the “aisle” you tend to favor, you’re probably not chomping at the bit for the arrival of Election Day. Such is the malaise, confusion, and outright discontent...

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Grace, Grace … now Get to Work??

Grace, Grace … now Get to Work?? Paul wrote Ephesians from prison. Seems fitting when you consider the overarching tone of the letter… Chapters 1-3 read like chains falling off and prison doors swinging wide open by the power of scandalous, justifying...

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We can’t relate to when Jesus obeyed God’s law perfectly, or healed miraculously – but we can relate to how it feels to be overwhelmed, depressed and have deep unrest in our souls – which is what He felt in the Garden of Gethsemane. He sweat...

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The Question of Easter

“Why do you look for the risen among the dead? He is not here, but has risen” (Luke 24:5, NIV). THE QUESTION OF EASTER Our lives are full of questions. Some of these can define who we are. From “Will you take this woman?” to “Are you aware of how fast you were...

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