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On Staying Awake in Church

On staying awake in church For a lot of people, the words “sermon” and “nap time” are synonymous. If you go back to the days of the early church, nobody slept through church. Not because the speakers were amazing, but because this thing called “church” was a... read more

Stepping on Lego

Stepping on Lego If you’re a parent, then you know what it is to ask your kids to clean up their Lego seventeen thousand times only to step on it an hour later and say things that bump film ratings up from PG to 18A. I write that authoritatively. Though from... read more

The Artist and The Church

The Artist and the Church Let’s face it. The creative response to creation that we call art doesn’t play a prominent role in the church. As pastors and Christian leaders, we’re just not quite sure what to make of it. But taking art and the artist seriously can be more... read more

Think Like an Egyptian

Think Like an Egyptian Our God can beat up your gods! That’s a bold statement, right? Make it into, “Our God created your gods,” and it’s a little less schoolyard bully-ish, but it becomes even more bold. This is a serious claim. You may not have seen it, but that... read more

Knox says goodbye to Joyce Grothmann

Joyce Grothmann Joined by many friends and family members, those at Knox Theological Seminary celebrated the life of dearly beloved Joyce Grothmann in a memorial service at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church on January 31, 2015. Joyce (a.k.a. Rejoyce) was the voice and... read more

What is a Classical Christian Education?

What is a Classical Christian education? A Classical Christian education is an approach to schooling in which the curriculum is built upon the pillars of the Bible and the great works of literature that helped form Western thought and civilization. The label... read more
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