Coming Soon: New Training Modules to Equip Local Churches

Thanks to a generous grant awarded by StrikeForce 421, a women-led, faith-based giving circle in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Knox Theological Seminary will be able to expand vital training modules designed for laypersons and church leaders to equip them in their callings, here in South Florida and beyond.

In response to the growing challenges facing church leaders and faithful Christians today, Knox Seminary has identified two key areas to support churches in achieving missional health for years to come. The first is a series of training modules to equip laypersons in areas of scripture, Christian theology, and witness – essentials for Gospel-based discipleship. The second series is designed for church leaders and clergy in organizational leadership – an often cited and growing need in the modern church landscape.

With this grant, Knox’s primary focus is to support churches in our immediate geographical region of South Florida, building upon years of partnerships and local alumni. Live training modules will be offered locally at Knox Seminary at no cost to our local partners and made available for churches to use as part of their ongoing discipleship needs. Additionally, Knox will be providing these training modules for church members and leaders around the country.

Knox is committed to supporting a healthy and evolving Christian-discipleship ecosystem as a seminary that’s truly “In, With, and For the Church”. A proven leader in providing a trusted theological and biblical education with high academic standards, Knox continues to serve Christian leaders and learners around the world for greater Kingdom-impact. With this grant, Knox can expand our offerings to more people in more places as we seek to fulfill our mission: to educate men and women to declare and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Blog Post written by:
Matt Till
Director of Communications & Donor Relations

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