Academic FAQ's

Common Academic Questions and Answers

Can I get my degree fully online?

Yes! All degree programs and certificates at Knox may be completed fully online.

What is the cost of tuition and fees?

All information about current tuition and fees may be found HERE.

Does Knox offer scholarships or grants?

Yes, primarily through our Church Partnership Program.

How does the Church Partnership Program work?

The Church Partnership Program is designed to strengthen the relationship between Knox and the local church that ultimately makes seminary education more financially accessible for students. When you invite your local church to financially partner with you in your educational journey, Knox will match their contribution dollar for dollar on your behalf up to one-third of the total cost of tuition. The maximum benefit per student is up to two-thirds of tuition costs covered! The Church Partnership Program is available to all students and their partnering church. Learn more about the program here.

Does Knox accept federal student loans or aid?

Knox Seminary does not accept federal student loans. However, for information about other payment and scholarship options, please contact our admissions office at

Does Knox work with Veteran benefits (GI Bill, etc.)?

Due to changes in federal law, Knox Seminary is no longer able to receive G.I. bill benefits for incoming V.A. students.

Do all Knox degree programs require a bachelor's degree? Can I be accepted without a bachelor's degree?

Typically, a 4-year accredited undergraduate degree (or its equivalent) is required for all master's level degree programs at Knox. An earned, accredited master's degree in a ministry related field is required for the DMin.

In very rare cases, applicants without a baccalaureate degree may be accepted into the Master of Divinity degree based on a rigorous evaluation of academic, life, and ministry experience. For more information, please contact the Admissions Office.

How long does a degree program take to complete?

That depends on the course load you decide to take; however, average durations for each degree are as follows:

MDiv (4-6 years), MABTS (2-4 years), MACCS (2-3 years), Certificates (1-1.5 years), and the Doctor of Ministry (3-5 years).

May I audit courses?

Yes! Residential and online courses may be audited. There is an audit application fee of $25 and an audit rate of $50 per credit hour.

Complete and submit the Audit Application Form to

I only want to take a small number of courses for credit. How would I do that?

Contact our admissions office about becoming a Special Student or Non- Matriculating Student. These designations allow you take courses as a non-degree seeking student.

Is there an application fee? How much is it? Can it be waived?

Yes. The application fee is $50.00. The fee is not able to be waived.

How do I start an application?

Fill out an online application HERE.

Is there a deadline for applications?

Knox has open enrollment throughout the year. Make sure to apply with enough time before courses start! Current schedules are linked at the bottom of this web page.

Is Knox Reformed?

Yes. Knox is a seminary in the tradition of the Reformation that exists to train men and women to declare and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While maintaining our distinct Reformed heritage, Knox also has a diverse student body and welcomes individuals from various Christian denominations to study with us.

Do I need to submit all my transcripts as part of my application?

Yes. Applications are not considered complete until you have submitted official transcripts from all college-level institutions where you have taken any courses for credit, including graduate-level institutions where applicable. Transcripts must be official and sent directly from the institution to Knox Theological Seminary.

If I transfer from another school, how many credits will transfer over?

Knox endeavors to be as generous as possible with requests for transfer of credits at another seminary. For specific information about our policy, please visit our transfer credits policy webpage.

How do online courses work?

Online, 3 credit hour courses are typically 8-weeks long (language courses are 16 weeks) and are "asynchronous". Each week students have a certain amount of work that must be completed, including readings, video lectures, and often an assignment (quiz, paper, etc.). Students complete the work at their own pace and submit their assignments by the end of that week.

The online “terms” (8-week course blocks) have their own start dates, which typically run back-to-back. Most of our masters level students take one 8-week course at a time over the six major online terms (this pace yields 18 credits a year).

Check out our online course schedule.

Is the Doctor of Ministry (DMin)  fully online?

Yes! In fact, all Knox degree programs and certificates may be completed entirely online.

What are the admission requirements for the Doctor of Ministry?

We have recently revised our DMin admissions criteria. To get a sense of what a qualified Doctor of Ministry candidate may look like, please refer to the Admissions Criteria on the DMin page.

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