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Master of Divinity Degree Program

{Accelerated 90 credit hours}



The Master of Divinity program prepares students for pastoral ministry. We seek to shape whole persons to communicate the gospel and demonstrate its implications in everyday life. Pastors and church leaders must be biblically saturated, theologically discerning, and contextually sensitive Christians; to that end, the curriculum focuses on three major areas: biblical, theological, and practical ministry studies.

We hold steadfastly to the truth and authority of God’s Word, and so we pour ourselves into reading the Bible. Our graduates learn to interpret the Bible with literary and theological care. Jesus speaks through his Word, so our students see the whole Bible — both Old and New Testaments — pointing to the gospel in a variety of compelling and beautiful ways.

We shape students to reason biblically by studying systematic theology—grasping the breadth, emphases, and coherence of biblical teaching. Furthermore, students gain familiarity with the resources of the Christian tradition through study of primary sources in church history. They learn to interpret the Bible and their culture by seeing how this was done by Irenaeus and Augustine, Aquinas and Luther, Calvin and Edwards. In these historical and systematic studies, we seek to have our minds renewed and sanctified that we might be discerning, wise, and gospel centered in everyday thinking.

Our graduates learn to graciously minister in a variety of pastoral contexts. Their preaching skills are developed through a number of practicums in sermon delivery. They plan and lead worship by reflecting on its theological significance and contextual shape. We seek to pass on a concern not only for evangelism and discipleship but also for justice and mercy in the city. Our location in South Florida lends itself to multicultural and global ministry opportunities which expand the horizons and strengthen the character of our students as world Christians able to engage a post-Christian culture with the gospel of Jesus.

We form students who are gripped by grace and, thus, who exude the humility of those desperately dependent on God’s kindness in Jesus. Furthermore, our graduates are lifelong learners always eager to be reformed by God—to that end, we do not shirk fearfully from hard questions and real concerns, but we confidently turn to God’s Word for direction and transformation. We pray that time in such a community of grace will prepare students to serve as models of grace in church plants, revitalization projects, and evangelistic work.


Up to 2/3 (60 hours) of the Master of Divinity program can be completed online. The remaining residential requirements and preaching practicums can be accomplished through one-week intensive courses and hybrid courses offered throughout the year.



ˈhīˌbrid/   kôrs/


  1. 3-credit hybrid courses are comprised of 4-weeks of online study followed by 2.5 days of residential work at Knox.

Who are hybrid courses for?

Hybrid courses are ideal for students who want to earn residential credit in an intensive format. Hybrid courses count as residential credit, which is particularly valuable for those seeking to fulfill the MDiv residency requirement (30 credit hours). Students can earn up to EIGHT credit hours in one week! See Seasonal Course Offerings and Knox Travel Information.

Academic Requirements for Admission

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or the educational equivalent is required. Transfer students must take their final 30 credit hours at Knox.

A limited number of applicants who do not hold a bachelor’s degree may be admitted to the Master of Divinity program. In such cases, which are rare, the Seminary will evaluate the applicant’s life experience and academic abilities to ensure adequate preparation for graduate study.

Academic Requirements for Completion

The Master of Divinity program requires completion of a total of 90 credit hours. To graduate, a student must earn at least a grade of C- (1.7) in each course, must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale), and participate in a Supervised Ministry Internship. See course descriptions for more information.

Upon successful completion, the student is awarded the Master of Divinity degree. The maximum time allowed to complete the Master of Divinity degree is ten years.

Learning Outcomes

A graduate of the MDiv program will:

  • Articulate the Gospel message of salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone.

  • Explain the inspiration and authority of all of scripture and its relationship to the Gospel.

  • Articulate the relationship of the gospel to sanctification in the life of the believer.

  • Demonstrate the relationship of biblical studies, systematic theology, and historical theology in articulating a thoughtful and coherent theological framework.

  • Articulate the importance of the knowledge of the original languages of scripture.

  • Faithfully relate the Gospel to their culture and context.

  • Effectively communicate the Gospel through the spoken word.

  • Properly handle the scriptures through careful exegesis in the original languages.

  • Demonstrate how foundational experiences in pastoral ministry related to church governance, pastoral care and counseling, and the administration of the sacraments inform ministry.

Program Requirements


NT512 New Testament Greek 1

3 Credit Hours

NT514 New Testament Greek 2

3 Credit Hours

NT702 Advanced Biblical Exegesis

3 Credit Hours

OT612 Old Testament Hebrew 1

3 Credit Hours

OT614 Old Testament Hebrew 2

3 Credit Hours


NT502 New Testament Survey 1 — Gospels and Acts

3 Credit Hours

NT504 New Testament Survey 2 — Epistles and Revelation

3 Credit Hours

NT712 Biblical Hermeneutics

3 Credit Hours

OT602 Old Testament Survey 1

3 Credit Hours

OT604 Old Testament Survey 2

3 Credit Hours


ST506 Systematic Theology 1 — God and Creation

3 Credit Hours

ST602 Systematic Theology 2 — Christ and the Church

3 Credit Hours

ST604 Systematic Theology 3 — Salvation and Eschatology

3 Credit Hours

ST608 Ethics

3 Credit Hours


CH502 History of Christianity 1 — Ancient and Medieval Church History

3 Credit Hours

CH504 History of Christianity 2 — Reformation to Modern Era

3 Credit Hours


AT502 Introduction to Homiletics

3 Credit Hours

AT602 Preaching Practicum 1

1 Credit Hour

AT604 Preaching Practicum 2

1 Credit Hour

AT608 Ministry and the Church

3 Credit Hours

AT702 Preaching Practicum 3

1 Credit Hour

AT704 Worship

3 Credit Hours

AT706 Supervised Ministry Internship

3 Credit Hours

ME702 The Missional Church

3 Credit Hours



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