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The cost of a high-quality accredited seminary education should never be a deterrent to pursuing your calling. Regardless of your call and position in ministry, we believe practical and theological training should be made affordable for everyone in the church. Where the average seminary student graduates with $33,000 of debt that can cripple a graduate and their family from long-term success, Knox helps overcome this financial barrier by creating a pathway to an affordable seminary education!
Seminary at one-third the cost.
Figuring out how to afford being equipped to serve God and the church shouldn’t be an overwhelming experience. That’s why Knox developed the Church Partnership Program where the full cost of tuition is split three ways between your church or qualified ministry, our generous donors, and you.

Now that’s Kingdom partnership in action!

Partnerships cultivate exponential Kingdom impact.

Seminary is meant to support and build the body of Christ. When trained leaders are equipped in their ministry context, they become a partner in the Kingdom-expanding effort of equipping the church in word and in deed. At Knox, we believe a seminary education is at its best when it’s affordable, accessible, and strategically integrated within your church or ministry experience.
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