Dr. Scott Manor

Professor of Historical Theology, President of Knox Theological Seminary

Covenant College, BA; Covenant Theological Seminary, MA; University of Edinburgh, MTh, PhD (Early Church History: Patristics).

Dr. Manor believes in the importance of understanding how our Christian heritage informs our faith today, especially as it relates to the historical and theological developments of the early church. Just as Hebrews 11 encourages us to better understand how great men and women of faith throughout the Old Testament bear witness to the truth, the great legacy of Christian faith and God’s faithfulness to His Church continues from the time of the apostles to the present.

Born and raised in central Florida, Dr. Manor completed his PhD in Early Christianity at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. In the year prior to coming to Knox Seminary, he held a postdoctoral position in research and language study at the Institut Catholique de Paris.

The primary focus of his research is on the relationship of textual authority to issues of orthodoxy and heresy in the early church. He has been published in various journals including Studia Patristica, Vigiliae Christianae, and The Expository Times.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Rebecca, and sons, Iren and Clement, traveling, and sailing.

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