Dr. Joshua Bruce

Professor of Christian and Classical Studies

University of Florida, BA; Stetson University College of Law, JD; Knox Theological Seminary, MDiv; University of Edinburgh, PhD.

Dr. Bruce was born and raised in south Florida and spent five years practicing law as an attorney with a south Florida law firm before undertaking graduate work in historical theology and classics at Knox and the University of Edinburgh. He is married to his childhood sweetheart, Dr. Lindsay Bruce, a scientist, and they have two young boys who make their lives go round at an exhausting speed.

Dr. Bruce is a firm believer in God’s ability to use literature and strong coffee to change lives. He has a background in classical Christian education as both a student and instructor and is always excited to see students growing in their appreciation of the virtues and truths found in the classical Christian tradition. Whether it is teaching Augustine’s Confessions or discussing Dante’s Divine Comedy, Dr. Bruce enjoys every opportunity to encourage his students to declare and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith, and the perfect embodiment of truth and virtue.

Dr. Bruce’s current research focuses on legal issues in the Christian tradition and he has given academic papers at a number of international conferences and has definitely never gotten lost in the Madrid airport on his way to any of them. His work has been published in scholarly journals including Studia Patristica and The Expository Times. Dr. Bruce also blogs occasionally about issues as diverse and important as early Christian judicial appeals to Caesar (Augustine said that Paul did it so we can too) and what Aristotle might say about potato chips (Aristotle would probably support them, but only in moderation). In his free time, Dr. Bruce enjoys running on the beach, reading novels, and watching British television with his wife.

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