In, With, and For the Church

Your calling in your community is needed now more than ever. 

A perfect balance of practical ministry training and academic integrity in the Great Commission.

Knox brings trusted academic excellence and Gospel-centered training to you and your church for lasting Kingdom impact.

Knox Theological Seminary is an innovative and ATS accredited seminary that leverages best practices in distance learning. We equip men and women to declare and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world in the tradition of the Reformation. We train students of scripture like you to become confident Kingdom leaders in, with, for the Church.

A Different Kind of Seminary


We believe Christian leaders should be able to stay where God has already called them to learn, grow, and invest in for exponential Kingdom impact.


We believe Christian leaders thrive when they are able to integrate their training and studies with their current ministry context or vocation.


We believe it’s crucial to collaborate with local church and ministry leaders for the spiritual maturation and practical equipping of our students.


We believe together we can sharpen our Gospel effectiveness when the seminary is engaged with the broader church community, listening to their feedback, and responding with an education that meets the most pressing and ever-changing needs of the church today. 

Learn to Declare and Demonstrate the Gospel

In his letter to the Ephesian church, Paul emphasizes the importance of equipping the saints for effective Gospel ministry (Eph. 4:11-14). When you and Knox come together the transforming and redeeming work of Christ can see exponential growth.
This is how Gospel movements are born!

Let's Partner Together

Learn more about Knox, our programs of study, and how we can serve you in the fulfillment of the Great Commission in your church and community. Connect with us today!