Dr. Seth Tarrer

Professor of Biblical Studies

Auburn University, BA; Beeson Divinity School, MDiv; University of St. Andrews, UK, PhD.

Dr. Tarrer desires to work alongside his students as they come to hear, obey, and proclaim the living Word of God in the Old and New Testaments. From creation to the full realization of God’s kingdom here on earth, his goal is to equip students to take their place in this kingdom work now, as servants in the church and as a new people being fitted by the Gospel to finally inhabit the garden abandoned so long ago.

His research has primarily been in the History of Interpretation of Old Testament prophets, along with Old Testament ethics and moral formation. His interests and teaching include Biblical Hebrew, Theological Interpretation, Majority World theology, the cultural and literary contexts of the Old Testament, and hermeneutics. Dr. Tarrer is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature.

Before coming to Knox, he lived and taught at seminaries in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Medellín, Colombia, enjoying both the rich and diverse Latin culture and ecclesial heritage as well as the fantastic cuisine! When not teaching or writing, he can be found with his family, playing ultimate frisbee, or somewhere outdoors.

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