Knox Theological Seminary Student Profile: Meet Paul Dunk.
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My name is Paul Dunk, and I am a church planter in Waterloo, Ontario. After 15 years as a student pastor, I felt God calling my wife and I to plant a church. On the surface, that sounds pretty matter-of-fact, but in reality we are reverse-engineering our ministry.

Our theological background was not Reformed. We were, shall we say, very un-Reformed. As God graciously drew us to the theology of the cross and away from a theology of glory, the gospel came in and turned our lives upside down. We knew that theologically, our church would be very different from what we had come from.


I was (and still am) working full time, and my wife Susan began encouraging me to pursue seminary. I couldn’t think of anything worse than pursuing a master’s degree on top of my already full life, but I knew she was right.

Given my stage in life, my education needed to be via quality online learning. I had three criteria: 1) a gospel-centered approach to study, 2) academic excellence, and 3) strong support to online learning students.

Knox Theological Seminary has gone 3-for-3. It is one of the Top 20 Seminaries in America for good reason. The online classroom and 24-hour response time from professors is excellent in every way. I travel both nationally and internationally to preach and Knox has been a gospel game-changer in serving my ability to minister using the Word of God. The faculty at Knox is having a global gospel impact, though they don’t have the pleasure of witnessing it firsthand.


I have personally enrolled students into the online master’s program at Knox, not simply because of the quality education, but the commitment I have experienced of the professors not leaving us online students in cyberspace. In each course you’re dealing with a committed person, not simply an online portal.

If you are like me with an already full ministry life looking to pursue your master’s degree, I have two things to say to you about Knox:

First, they are committed to high academic standards, therefore be ready to do theological heavy lifting. They don’t sell “School of Hard Knox” t-shirts for nothing.

Second, don’t let my first comment scare you. Each professor is personally committed to your learning as a student, and it pays off.

Press on,

Paul Dunk


Knox Theological Seminary offers you fully-online, affordable, and rigorous master’s programs. To take your life and ministry to the next level, request information about the Master of Arts (Biblical and Theological Studies) and the Master of Arts (Christian and Classical Studies).

Paul Dunk

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