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Knox Now Offers Online Seminary Degrees


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Knox Theological Seminary Now Offers Online Seminary Degrees

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – 7/17/2012 – The Interim President of Knox Theological Seminary, Dr. Luder Whitlock, and the Board of Directors are pleased to announce that Knox has been granted approval to offer comprehensive online‐learning programs. Knox is accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, and the following academic degree programs are approved for online study: Master of Arts (Biblical and Theological Studies) and the Master of Arts (Christianity and Culture). Knox is also offering an array of other online courses that can be applied to any of their degree programs. Knox Online courses may be applied towards the completion of any program. For students interested in the professional Master of Divinity program, ATS limits the number of course hours to 66%. So in the 99‐hour program, 66 hours may be taken via online offerings.

“Education is undergoing tremendous change as new technologies introduce new approaches to learning. The positive change to education is the ability to deliver seminary training, through emerging communication technology, to new students previously prohibited from attending a traditional residential program,” said Dean of Knox Online, Jonathan G. Smith. Commenting on the nature of online learning he added, “By harnessing new communication tools, Knox will be able to accomplish its vision to potentially teach thousands of students who will then teach millions of people worldwide!”

The Knox curriculum is suited for a wide range of individuals desiring to lead and serve in various ministries – from pastor and academic, to Christian teacher, missionary and layperson.

In the Knox Online classroom, students are able to view professionally‐edited course lectures via video downloads on a weekly schedule, participate in online student‐to‐student forums designed to foster a learning community through intentional built‐in activities, take quizzes and examinations, and speak live with faculty through course webinars. Knox monitors a student’s progress to ensure that no one gets behind. Online students follow the same semester schedule as residential students.

Knox recognizes that a community is essential to the learning process. Interaction between students, faculty, and the collaboration that comes from those relationships is an integral part of student learning and course satisfaction. Their goal is to foster learning through creative, online social environments which integrate proven pedagogy and technology to meet student learning needs.

If you would like more information about Knox Theological Seminary and Knox Online, please visit, their official Facebook page /knoxseminary, or you can find them on Twitter @knoxseminary.


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