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Knox Theological Seminary Now Offering $1.6 Million in Scholarships

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, 10/15/2012 – The newly-established Digital Scholar’s Fund represents a scholarship pool of over $1.6 million dollars. The potential of the fund is to offer as many as 751 full scholarships over the next five years based on need and merit as new programs are introduced.

Knox Theological Seminary and Logos Bible Software are offering students in the new online Master of Arts (Christian and Classical Studies) program the opportunity of a lifetime. To jumpstart the joint program, Knox is giving away a comprehensive Francis Schaeffer scholarship, valued at over $18,000, to one qualified student. All tuition, software, and fees are covered. Knox will subsequently be offering to the first 100 qualified students to apply and enroll for the spring 2013 semester a guaranteed scholarship valued initially at $2,016 per individual applied proportionately through the course of study. These scholarships will lighten the financial load for students by lowering the cost of an education that is already priced much lower than other seminaries.

The MACCS scholarship is named after Francis Schaeffer, an evangelical Christian theologian, philosopher, and pastor who is famous for such writings as How Should We Then Live? and True Spirituality.  Schaeffer is perhaps best known for L’Abri, a study center he established in Switzerland to serve as a forum for people to discuss philosophy, theology, apologetics, and religious beliefs. The idea of a forum to express such ideas is a natural connection for the MACCS as students learn to engage the culture and present ancient truths in a relevant way.

To apply for the comprehensive Francis Schaeffer Scholarship, visit the Knox Facebook page and click on the “Sweepstakes” tab. Begin registering on Monday, October 15th and the scholarship giveaway runs through Friday, November 30th.

By offering scholarships and affordable payment plan options through Logos, Knox shows their commitment to seeing that graduates won’t be burdened by onerous debt after they leave seminary and begin their ministry. “Our goal is to provide a theological education at the lowest price possible, allowing students to move more quickly through their degree program and to graduate without crippling debt,” said Munier Jallad, Executive Vice President of Administration.

Knox wants to open the door for students to attend seminary and embark on a ministry career as debt free as possible. Provisions are also built into the new scholarship plan, without economic penalization, for students that need to take a leave of absence because life happens. The Digital Scholar’s Fund is part of a broader Teach Thousands to Reach Millions international development campaign that Knox is embarking on over the next five years.

*Students may enter the comprehensive scholarship giveaway on the Knox Facebook page and the partial scholarship by filling out the Admissions Inquiry form and checking the box at the top for the MACCS Francis Schaeffer Scholarship. To learn more about the online MACCS with Logos, click here.

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