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Knox Launches World’s First DMin in Theological Exegesis – Part Two

Last week we announced that Knox Theological Seminary is launching the world’s first Doctor of Ministry concentration in theological exegesis. Set to begin in January 2013, this innovative program will equip students for the art of theological exegesis of the Bible. Some may wonder: what makes for theological exegesis of the Holy Scriptures? We want to offer some insight in that regard, so you can see what this program involves. Michael Allen, the D. James Kennedy Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and coordinator of this theological exegesis track, has recently edited a book entitled Theological Commentary: Evangelical Essays. There he addresses this question by highlighting the canonical, creedal, and contextual nature of faithful biblical interpretation. These three commitments mark our curriculum.

Theological interpreters of the Bible read each passage in light of the wider context of the scriptural canon: they see how each piece fits in the wider gospel message of Jesus Christ and his kingdom. While many modern scholars break the Bible down into bits and pieces, viewing each text in its autonomy, we find that this fails to do justice to their unity and their common nature as the single Word of the living God.

Theological exegetes read the Bible attuned to the witness of the communion of the saints: they use the creeds and confessions of the church past and present as prompts to refine their interpretive work. While many contemporary Bible readers and ministry workers treat the past as no more than prologue, we see that the way to renewal is through retrieval and that the past is a constant presence for a community of faith.

Finally, theological readers of the Word of God listen for its contemporary significance as it addresses real men and women, societies and cultures, in our own contexts. Much thoughtful biblical scholarship fails to touch the real life issues that arise in ministry in its unique contexts, so we strive to ask how an ancient word continues to address powerfully very modern questions and struggles.

Here at Knox Theological Seminary, we believe that the Word of God is living and active. In the theological exegesis concentration of the DMin program, we seek to fashion and form more faithful readers, men and women able to keep their eye on the big picture of the Bible, to attune their ear to the witness of the past, and to fix their heart upon the neighbors and communities around them.


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