Justification and the Gospel Video Series | Dr. Michael Allen
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Video Series on Justification and the Gospel with Dr. Michael Allen

Seeking to move beyond current heated debates, Justification and the Gospel offers a fresh, alternative approach to a central theological topic.

Michael Allen locates the doctrine of justification within the wider context of the gospel, allowing for more thoughtful engagement with the Bible, historical theology, and the life of the church. Allen considers some of the liveliest recent debates as well as some overlooked connections within the wider orbit of Christian theology. He provides a historically informed, ecumenically minded defense of orthodox theology, and demonstrates justification’s relevance for ongoing issues of faith and practice.

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The Contemporary Deconstruction of Justification


Why a Dogmatic Approach to Justification?


Using “Justification and the Gospel” in the Classroom


Justification and Theological Interpretation


Marriage, Adoption, and Justification


Faith of Christ vs. Faith in Christ?


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Dr. Michael Allen

About Dr. Michael Allen

Dr. Michael Allen is a Visiting Professor of Systematic Theology at Knox Theological Seminary.