Knox Symposium 2020

February 1, 2020
9:00 AM
event Date
Saturday, February 1, 2020
Start Time
9:00 AM
End Time
4:00 PM
5555 N Federal HWY
Coral Ridge Church (Devos Chapel)
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Event Description

The 2020 Knox Symposium brought pastors, scholars, and scientists together to consider how Christianity and Science should relate, learn how they have related in the past, and to anticipate issues that will arise from human gene editing, neuroscience, and ecology.

The recorded sessions are linked below, and Knox students are encouraged to participate in the Science and Christianity essay contest, with a top cash prize of $500. Click here for the contest rules and deadlines.

Symposium Videos

Session 1 - Categories for Thinking about Science and Religion

Session 2 - Galileo and the Garden of  Eden

Session 3 - The Future of  Human Genome Editing

Session 4 - Cognitive Neuroscience:  An approach for understanding the brain, mind,  and consciousness

Session 5 - Change, Adaptation,  and Resilience in Natural Systems

Session 6 - Concluding Rgemarks,  “Have No Fear”

Guest Speakers

Dr. Lindsay Bruce
Biologist, Westminster Academy
Dr. Lucina Uddin
Neuroscientist, University Of Miami
Dr. Thomas Chesnes
Professor/chair, Biology Department, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Dr. Edward B. Davis
Professor of the History Of Science, Messiah College

Knox Teachers / Speakers

Dr. Larry Trotter
Adjunct Professor of Practical Theology; Pastor, Florida Coast Church
Dr. Joshua Bruce
Professor of Christian and Classical Studies, Dean of Students
Dr. Scott Manor
Professor of Historical Theology, President of Knox Theological Seminary
Dr. Timothy Sansbury
Professor of Philosophy and Theology, Provost