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Dr. Gerald Bray Teaches in First DMin Program in Theological Exegesis

Dr. Bray teaches a core course called Reading the Bible with the Dead: Using the History of Exegesis

Dr. Gerald Bray serves as the Distinguished Professor of Historical Theology at Knox Theological Seminary, having taught around the globe and having established a reputation as one of the finest evangelical church historians in the world today. Dr. Bray has also been a pioneer in the field of theological exegesis. His particular focus in his teaching and writing in this regard has been to tend to the history of interpretation. As was mentioned last week in the Knox Blog, one of the key emphases of theological exegesis is an intentional commitment to do our biblical and theological work in conversation with the living voice of the Christian past. More than any other evangelical of our times, Dr. Bray has made this possible through his writings. For years now he has taught evangelicals to draw from the fathers and the Reformers for the sake of ongoing witness and worship. Now he brings that expertise and passion to training students at Knox and, in particular, to the theological exegesis track of the DMin program.

Dr. Gerald BrayDr. Bray has devoted many years to making the writings of the early church fathers and the Reformers accessible to us. He was the most prolific translator and editor in the acclaimed Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture series, for which he edited the volumes on Romans, 1-2 Corinthians, James, 1-2 Peter, 1-3 John, and Jude. More recently, he edited the inaugural volume in the new Reformation Commentary on Scripture series on Galatians and Ephesians. He has also recently published English translations of Ambrosiaster’s commentaries on the Pauline Epistles. In addition to his editorial work, Dr. Bray wrote the first full-scale book on the history of biblical interpretation from an evangelical perspective. His Biblical Interpretation: Past and Present provided a baseline for the bustling activity that has followed in the last two decades.

In the theological exegesis track, Dr. Bray teaches a core course called Reading the Bible with the Dead: Using the History of Exegesis. There he familiarizes students with the biblical interpretation of the patristic, medieval, and Reformation writers, enabling them to faithfully and critically use those resources in their interpretive and pastoral work. In this program, students will prepare to employ the best of the Christian tradition for their ongoing work in exegesis and teaching.


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