Croatia Learning Center

Teach Thousands to Reach Millions is a bold five-year plan to dramatically expand our global impact for the gospel by surging the number of students trained and sent out for ministry from Knox Theological Seminary. This acceleration of seminary growth comes at a time of amazing educational opportunity created by revolutionary changes in how information is transmitted.

The impact of Knox Seminary on our students and those to whom they minister will sharply increase in the next five years as Knox accelerates the growth of its residential and online learning programs. Our goal is not to make Knox Seminary great, but to magnify God and His Son Jesus Christ. What we seek is not an expanded institution but a vast number of men and women trained to meet the demands of ministry all over the world. The results, measured by spreading the Gospel and glorifying God, are our primary concern.

A primary goal of Teach Thousands to Reach Millions is creating five new international Learning Centers around the world. The Knox Croatian cohort is now underway.

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