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King’s Art Critic to Teach Course on Art and Theology in Fort Lauderdale

Knox Theological Seminary in Fort Lauderdale has announced that Dr. Daniel A. Siedell, Presidential Scholar & Art Historian in Residence at The King’s College in New York City, will teach a class on art, culture & theology from March 10-14, 2014. Offered as part of the Seminary’s Doctor of Ministry program, “Christ in Culture: Art & Theology in Conversation” is also open to audit by anyone interested in art, culture, and theology.

Siedell observed, “I’m appreciative that the leadership at Knox has given me this opportunity to offer a very different approach to both theology and art, one that emerges from my experience as an art critic and museum curator.” Dr. Michael Allen, Kennedy Associate Professor of Systematic Theology & Dean of the Faculty at Knox, explained: “Who better to guide our students into thinking theologically about engaging the arts than Dan Siedell? He has struggled through these issues thoughtfully for years now and is well equipped to guide men and women into this important conversation.”

Christ and Culture: Art and Theology in Conversation

This intensive week long course will blend art encounters with theological study, lectures on aspects of art and theology, and plenty of honest, open conversation. Siedell said, “We’ll look at works by Thomas Kinkade, Andres Serrano, and Jackson Pollock; read Potok, Luther, and Oswald Bayer; listen to Mumford & Sons, Arvo Pärt, and Queen; watch Tarkovsky’s The Passion According to Andrei and Louis C.K.’s stand-up; and encounter the work of many more artists, theologians, and poets.”

Dr. Henry Bleattler, Chair of the Media, Culture, and the Arts (MCA) program at King’s, noted, “We anticipate that this unique blend of art and theology, will be the kind of educational experience that Dan will develop at King’s, both in the classroom and in the institute for the study of art that he is developing with us.”

Dr. Jonathan A. Linebaugh, Assistant Professor of New Testament at Knox offered this description of Siedell’s work:

“Listen with your eyes. This is the unnerving invitation Dan Siedell offers to those who look with him at a painting. This encounter, because it is anchored in an understanding of creation as God speaking to creatures through creatures, is distinctively theological–it is a theology of the word. And it is this word, the word that startles and comforts, the word that compels honesty and gives hope, that a class with Dan Siedell trains the eye to hear.”

For more information about the course, including a syllabus, email Lori Gottshall, the registrar.

For more information about Siedell’s appointment as Presidential Scholar & Art Historian in Residence, click here.

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*Post adapted from The King’s College press room.



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