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Who's Afraid of Modern Art?: Essays on Modern Art and Theology in Conversation

by Dr. Daniel A. Siedell
Modern art can be confusing and intimidating–even ugly and blasphemous. And yet curator and art critic Daniel A. Siedell finds something else, something much deeper that resonates with the human experience. With over thirty essays on such diverse artists as Andy Warhol, Thomas Kinkade, Diego Velázquez, Robyn O’Neil, Claudia Alvarez, and Andrei Rublev, Siedell offers a highly personal approach to modern art that is informed by nearly twenty years of experience as a museum curator, art historian, and educator.

Siedell combines his experience in the contemporary art world with a theological perspective that serves to deepen the experience of art, allowing the work of art to work as art and not covert philosophy or theology, or visual illustrations of ideas, meanings, and worldviews.

Who’s Afraid of Modern Art? celebrates the surprising beauty of art that emerges from and embraces pain and suffering, if only we take the time to listen. Indeed, as Siedell reveals, a painting is much more than meets the eye.

So, who’s afraid of modern art? Siedell’s answer might surprise you.


Book Info

Author: Dr. Daniel A. Siedell

Print Length: 178 pages

ISBN: 1625644426

Publisher: Cascade Books

Publication Date: January 7, 2015