Knox Seminary 50% Scholarship Winner | Chad Reinhardt
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First Knox Seminary 50% Scholarship Winner

Join us in congratulating Chad Reinhardt as a winner of one of two Knox Seminary 50% Scholarships! Take a moment and learn more about his background and what brought him to Knox.

Q&A with Chad Reinhardt

Knox: Tell us a little bit about how you came to faith.

Chad: I came to faith at a Campus Crusade for Christ Conference during my senior year of high school. My life was on the rocks. My emptiness and constant pursuit of being fulfilled by worldly standards led me to partake in various deeds of the flesh. My mother bought me a spot at this conference and “urged” me to go. By “urged” I mean I had no choice but to attend. At this conference I heard a man give his testimony. The talk was filled with what I saw as his deepest darkest secrets and I left that session thoroughly confused as to why anyone would do such a thing so publicly. While sitting down to discuss this with a group of guys at the conference, they then presented the freedom of the gospel to me. This thought of really being made new overcame my soul and I gave my life to Christ that day.

Knox: What brought you to Knox? How is the Lord working in you?

Chad: What brought me to Knox is rather funny. I have been substituting this year and working for a coffee shop in hopes of gaining some knowledge and collecting information on what I would like to do in my post-grad life. In the spring I was talking to my parents about the thought of going to seminary after receiving a BA in Religion from Florida State University. A tweet popped up on my Twitter account from Logos Bible Software about an opportunity to receive a 50% scholarship at Knox Seminary. I immediately jumped at the thought of attending a gospel-driven seminary and applied the next week.

Knox: What program of study will you be pursuing? When do you plan to start?

Chad: I will be pursuing the Masters of Arts (Biblical and Theological Studies) program. I plan to start in fall 2014.

Knox: Are you currently working in ministry? If so, doing what?

Chad: I am currently leading a discipleship group of four college students in Tallahassee, Florida.

Knox: How will this scholarship impact you?

Chad: This scholarship enables me to be able to further my education without going into tons of debt. The scholarship also allows me to be able to go to school full time and get the residential experience that I desire in my seminary studies.

Knox: What do you plan to do with a theological education from Knox? 

Chad: I would like to teach biblical studies to high school students after graduating from Knox Seminary.


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